"When attending internal meetings, everyone is generally expected to be prepared. So why shouldn’t people be prepared when attending conferences – especially if you take the increased costs into consideration?"

- David Brandenhoff, Format Agency

Communications agency specialized in engaging the audience

Format Agency defines new formats within communication, conferences and meetings. We focus on both form and content, and we know what works in practice. We create measurable effects, by involving ourselves at all levels: From the preliminary reflections to the final execution, and with purpose as our main focus, we make your communication, meetings and conferences a good investment.

Format Agency creates value at all levels in organizations, from steering committees to practical collaboration with executive departments. We contribute to all phases of the process, from establishing purpose and agenda, developing concept and methods, to implementation and evaluation of results and effects. We organize our individual project collaborations based on the involved competencies and resources, in order to optimize both results and finances.