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“F&P throws an annual meeting designed to unify and strengthen the insurance industry. In addition to allowing members to network and knowledge sharing, the meetings should be able to profile F&P as an active trade organization through current presentations and debates. It is therefore important to us that our annual meeting provides the opportunity for both members and press, to meet us in a professional framework that portrait the purpose of the meeting.

Therefore, in relation to the annual meeting in 2016, we started a collaboration with Format Agency on the development of the meetings. By optimizing on the design set-up and the visual impression, the meeting was given a more clear and dynamic expression that supported the academic content and created a better basis for networking among members. A thorough coordination also contributed to a structured execution and ensured a professional perception of the meeting.”

Johnny Nielsen, Head of Secretariat, Forsikring & Pension, 2016

Jørgen Kjær Thomsen, Senior Consultant, Forsikring & Pension, 2016

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