1. Operational cooperation
The parties each appoint an agent to represent each party regarding the project, and are each obliged to keep each other updated on circumstances which may make it necessary to make adjustments to the Project, including adjustments regarding delivery time and budget.
The Client is obliged to reply to questions from Format Agency as soon as possible. Agreements made between the Client and Format Agency during the process, which is included in minutes of meetings are seen as valid, if the Client has not objected within two days upon receiving the minutes.

Unless otherwise stated, prices from Format Agency are always set in Danish crowns (DKK), 25% VAT excluded.

3.Terms of payment
Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Project is to be paid for in 4 rates.

Rate 1 is paid upon entering the agreement.

Rate 2 and 3 are paid during the period of planning, depending on when Format Agency expects the resources to be spent and the production commenced, but no later than 1 month prior to the execution of the project.

Rate 4 is paid immediately after the execution of the project. The rates appear from the budget prepared by Format Agency.

The rates, as well as the dates of payment will always be included in the budget prepared by Format Agency.

It is applicable to all payments that they are invoiced with a 14 day payment period. If payment is overdue, a reminders charge of 100,- DKK is added, as well as an interests in accordance with the Danish law of interests added 2% p.a.

4. Price development
With contractual agreements that surpass a year in length, Format Agency reserves the right to adjust prices submitted upon entering the agreement in accordance with the net price index.

5. Confidentiality
The parties agree not to pass on information regarding project details, or affairs concerning the parties, which have come to their knowledge through the execution of the project, to any third party.

6. Documentation
Format Agency reserves the right to document the project for later use on Format Agency’s website, as well as for internal use.

7. Force majeure
If strike, lockout, fire, natural disaster, war or other circumstances beyond Format Agency’s influence makes it impossible for Format Agency to meet obligations under the project agreement, Format Agency shall not be held liable as a result.

8. Breach
Format Agency may terminate the contract, if a material breach by the Client occurs. Format Agency may also make use of a remedy for breach of contract including damages. Non-payment, Client suspension of payments or bankruptcy is always considered a material breach. Breaches of contract as well as damages are in general subject to the general rules of Danish law.

9. Insurance and damages
At the start of the project Format Agency takes out a default insurance that covers item damages and personal injury of up to 10,000,000.00 DKK. If the project requires further insurance, Format Agency will be in charge of taking out such. The Client is required to inform Format Agency, if the Client has values exceeding the specified amount, which will be used in project planning and execution.

Unless otherwise agreed, the Client pays a discretionary share of Format Agency’s costs for these policies during the execution of the project. These costs will figure in the budget at all times.

Format Agency and the Client may agree in writing that the Client fully or partly takes out further insurance and pays for it.

Unless property- or personal damages are attributable to Format Agency directly or indirectly, Format Agency shall not be held responsible for damages to the Client, or people in the Client’s service, or pertaining to property or material, owned by the Client, or if the Client is accountable thereof towards a third party. Should Format Agency be held accountable for property – or personal damages, which may rightfully be proven due to the Client’s actions or lack of such, the Client shall exempt Format Agency from any claim, which Format Agency should be sentenced to pay, provided that the Client has been made aware of the third party’s demand and has had the opportunity to defend himself by entering into the case.

10. Commencement and termination
The Project Agreement shall commence upon the signing of the Project Agreement, other written  and shall cease upon project completion. The agreement is irrevocable during the contract period.

If the Client wishes to cancel the project during the contract period, it shall be sent by registered post or answered email.

In case of cancellation by the Client the following applies;In case of cancellation 3-6 months before execution, a minimum of 25% of the total amount is to be paid cf. the budget

In case of cancellation 1-3 months before execution, a minimum of 50% of the total amount is to be paid cf. the budget

In case of cancellation less than 1 month before execution, 100% of the total amount is to be paid cf. the budget

In case of cancellation the Client has full responsibility for the irredeemable costs, regardless of the overview above. Format Agency undertakes, in this regard, to work in good faith to minimize costs as much as possible.

11. Disputes
Disputes between the parties shall be settled by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.