Format Agency works with communication that embeds messages by engaging people

Communication creates a channel for messages and narratives between companies, organizations and their target groups. Communication involves a sender and a target group, and is based on the potential between the two parties. The potential constitutes the sender’s competencies, products, and history and the target group’s wishes, dreams and needs. Communication creates new knowledge, insight and inspiration based on the sender and the message, adapted to the target group and its world. Communication takes its point of origin in the reality, context and preferences of people, and can contribute to new interpretations of reality, new preferences, actual actions and changed behavior. We develop communication concepts where the target group is participating in the communication instead of acting only as receiver. Participation demands engagement, and thus a conscious and active choice of participating in the communication.

We engage the participants in the communication, making the target group a co-author of the message adapted to the reality of the individual. We uncover the potential between sender and participants and develop creative concepts of communication, leading to effects shaped in the form of new behavior within the target group, whether as a part of the organization, as customer or consumer.


Format Agency works with conferences, which create interaction between people

Conferences are physically facilitated communication between a large group of people, consisting of senders and participants. Conferences promote shared themes, by processing relevant subjects from different angles, and involve the participants based on their roles and relevance. Conferences are used to communicate, share or develop knowledge, as well as create the basis for networking, feedback and motivation among large groups of people. Conferences create value for companies and organizations by communicating messages, creating dialogue, embedding knowledge, as well as creating ownership and support. To participants the conference also represents the sender’s physical footprint.

We give our customers advice on how the conference may be used as a tool based on the target group, creating a measureable effect after the execution. We develop and implement interaction tools to engage the target group, whether dealing with one-way communication, dialogue or group work.

We contribute to all phases of the process, from participating in steering committees to complete implementation of the conference, including logistics, production and personnel.


Format Agency works with meetings resulting in actions

Meetings are structured, physical communication between people, within a defined framework, seeking to promote a shared matter. Companies and organizations are constituted by their knowledge, decisions and actions. Meetings activate and develop knowledge, create a platform for decisions and a basis for taking action. Meetings are central, culture-bearing communication tools for organizations. Meetings combine members across departments, levels and geography, creating external connection to people of the outside world. Meetings enable companies and their members to act in coordination, or individually, based on decisions, which activate their knowledge. Meetings are used to bring experience into play, develop new knowledge (ideas), prepare plans of action, create consensus, motivate for action, introducing and creating ownership. Examples of meeting purposes: Information, orientation, introduction, knowledge-sharing, idea-generation, decisions, discussion, planning, evaluating and socializing.

We provide advice in improving both internal and external meetings, on how structure is created, and how purpose and goals are visualized. We develop and implement tools that ensure effective results and decisions, which the participants can act on. We develop creative meeting concepts, with focus on the objectives, engage participants by their relevance and lead to measurable results and effects.